Eye Treatment Plus Set


Eye Treatment Plus set

•  DL-Mere Collagen Sheet
•  Eye Fluid
•  Woven Tissue

Attain from the combination of rich protein minerals and enzymes found in Algae extracts. Enforce the synthesis of collagen protein and Mucopolysaccharide, iron out eye bags and wrinkles. Lighten dark eye circles, leaving the eye area soft and radiant.

Clinically Proven Fantastic Results:
a)  Supplement loss of nutrients due to aging. Synthesizes collagen protein and Mucopolysaccharide thus firming skin.
b)  Improves the function of the lymphatic gland.
c)  Strengthens tenacity of the muscle.
d)  Protects and soothes tired eyes.

Main Ingredients:

Colloid Protein, SOD (Super Oxide Dimutase) found in Algae, minerals (Potassium, Sodium).


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